Today, probably, every second car is equipped with a DVR. These devices often save their owners from the consequences of all road accidents: controversial accidents, unfair accusations of violation of traffic rules, auto-support. And meanwhile, in the distant 1926, when the first videotape from the car was made, hardly anyone thought about it. The recording was made by a fire brigade in New York, with the help of a movie camera they recorded a trip to the call. Saved to this day, it is rightfully considered the first record from the DVR. And after that, for a long time, a camera was used to record from the car


As an independent device, the registrar appeared in the 1970s. Its prototypes were designed for the needs of the army, and they had to be used in military equipment, as a system of servicing and tracking.


The first car DVRs were cumbersome and very expensive, so rarely any car enthusiast could afford such a "toy". But already in the 1990s, police cars began to equip police cars, and today every police car in Europe, Japan, China, and the United States is equipped with a whole system of registration of what is happening on the road

The information recorded by police DVRs is sent and stored, very often it allows to prove or disprove the suspect's guilt, and helps to determine the legitimacy of measures taken by the police.


Since the car DVR has become more compact and functional, it was appreciated by ordinary drivers, after which the device "went to the masses".


And the manufacturers began to equip its functional with various useful devices, such as:

-Screen, for quick review of the shot;

-Possibility of setting or overlaying video dates and times;

-Motion Sensor;


Today, car DVRs are at the peak of popularity. It's enough to go online and see a crazy amount of videos, shot with the help of the DVR camera, to understand this. Most of the videos show how, thanks to this device, the driver managed to avoid major and not very troubles. Moreover, many motorists began to use the DVR as an ordinary home camera and record on it travel notes, since the Full HD extension allows you to make high-quality recordings.

About Garmin


The company Garmin is based on the principles of innovation, convenience, efficiency, quality and service. The company's founders, Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao, show Garmin's innovative products in the lobby of the company's head office in Olas, Kansas.



The idea of creating the company arose in 1989 with a group of talented engineers who gathered at the card table. For several years the company has developed into a world-famous company with a staff of thousands of employees. As at the very beginning, the goal of Garmin remains simple: the creation of equipment for navigation and communication, which will enrich the lives of our users. Our innovative products relate to various fields, including automotive, aviation, marine, travel and sports equipment, as well as equipment for wireless applications.


As part of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), Garmin International has become an example of growth for all - consumers, employees, investors and retailers. The secret of our success is simple. Since the company's founders focused on selling their first GPS product, Garmin surrounds itself with creative employees dedicated to the common cause


The power of "Vertical Integration"

The prosperity of Garmin can be explained by the favorable conditions resulting from vertical integration - we develop, produce, supply to the market and sell our products on our own. In the discussion of products take part engineers, designers, testing specialists, artists, authors of texts and sales specialists


In addition, largely the success of Garmin is related to investing in innovation. The staff of just a few employees, who were at the source of the company in 1989, grew to 1,000 people in just 10 years. For four years, the number of employees doubled, and by 2006, the company has already employed 4,000 people. In 2007, Garmin staff exceeded 7,000 people; There was some slowdown in the growth of the number of employees in conditions of rising activity in Europe and Asia.


In touch with the whole world

Developing its products, Garmin takes into account the interests of our customers. Getting rid of stressful situations while navigating or traveling begins with easy-to-use menus, logical options and intuitive functions.